Why medical offices need enhanced security


Physicians often juggle many different responsibilities. From handling patients to managing staff, they already have a lot with which to deal. The worst nightmare for any physician would be to have their operations disrupted by a break-in on their premises. Due to the important and sensitive role of doctors in society, you can become a desirable target without even thinking about it.

It’s a sad fact that opioid addiction is on the rise.  And even though you may not have drugs in the office, an addict will look for anything they can sell, pawn or exchange for another fix.  According to the FBI, victims of burglary suffered an estimated $3.6 billion in property losses in 2016. And while a good insurance company will cover the loss of property, the loss of your patient’s information cannot be measured.

Potential risks to physician premises
A doctor’s office is often susceptible to many different risks because of the sensitive role that physicians play. The three main categories that can make them targets of burglars and vandalism include:

While most physicians don’t keep a large stock of drugs readily available in their offices, they may have ordered a temporary stock to deal with rising customer demand. It can prove disastrous if burglars or drug addicts target your office and end up stealing drugs to utilize for harmful purposes.

It is sometimes necessary to keep small amounts of cash in the office for convenience purposes. It is, therefore, a good idea to adequately protect your premises from break-ins that can result in the theft of cash.

Patient information
Most importantly, safeguarding the information of your patients should be one of any physician’s top concerns. Because you handle addresses, social security numbers, credit card data and medical records, your office can become a target for burglaries.
In addition, disgruntled patients and their relatives can plan to do harm if they were dissatisfied with a previous experience or service.

The need for proper security
To adequately safeguard your premises, installing a verified electronic security system can deter potential threats and keep all your valuables safe. Any break-ins can be immediately detected and police can be notified to respond in real time. This will not only give you peace of mind, it will also reassure your customers that you have their best interests at heart.

How Sonitrol Great Lakes can help
Are your premises vulnerable? Don’t be a desirable target. Sonitrol has a verified Electronic Security System that offers intrusion detection, video-monitoring, panic-buttons, fire/smoke detection and keyless entry. These basic and essential features all work hand in hand to deter threats and to immediately detect burglary attempts. Police love the system because it offers instant alarm verification and provides information in real time.

With advanced monitoring, it also tends to deter crime before it happens. Your premises are fully monitored through a combination of audio and video clips. Is anyone looking for opioid to feed their addiction? Sonitrol will stop them in their tracks or catch them red-handed. Need a flexible and advanced security system? Contact Sonitrol Great Lakes today.

Sonitrol Great Lakes partners with property managers

office space

During business hours, multi-tenant office buildings can be susceptible to danger. Unauthorized individuals are often free to enter and roam unabated. Do you know who has access to your building?

The best way to safeguard against possible crime is to carefully regulate access to your facility, and to protect it after-hours with the most comprehensive suite of security solutions on the market.

Sonitrol Great Lakes: The right solutions

Sonitrol’s integrated line of security products means you can implement the solutions you need now, then easily expand as your needs change. Access Control, Fire Monitoring, Intrusion Alarm, Video Surveillance, 24/7 Monitoring — Sonitrol offers full verified protection, guaranteed!

Best of all, Sonitrol’s security solutions are easy to use, allowing you to go online to remotely arm or disarm alarms, grant or withdraw access to individuals, and view live surveillance footage anytime, anywhere.

Why property management professionals choose Sonitrol

• Industry Expertise – You need someone you can trust to protect your facilities. Sonitrol works with property management organizations and law enforcement agencies across the Great Lakes region.

• Innovative Technology – Sonitrol’s state-of-the-art verified audio detection technology is superior to anything on the market today. Complemented with video, fire protection, and managed access control, Sonitrol can offer a full suite of security protection.

• Proven results – No one can match Sonitrol’s results; the numbers speak for themselves. Criminals apprehended nationwide with Sonitrol’s proprietary technology: 155,000 and climbing.

Property management expertise

We know that in the property management business, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” security plan. Contact us, and we’ll work with you to tailor a security system to fit the unique needs of your properties.


How prepared is your business against fire?

Building Fire

Homes, schools and businesses around the country this year are observing National Fire Prevention Week Oct. 8-14. Now is a good time to assess the fire safety readiness of your business.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), fires and explosions cost businesses and schools more than $2.3 billion in property damage each year. Early detection and verification are key to limiting fire loss.

Fortunately, both detection and verification are specialties of Sonitrol Great Lakes.

In the case of fire detection strategies, these can be easily integrated with other Sonitrol Great Lakes products and services. Our central station operators can monitor signals from your facility 24 hours a day, including monitoring smoke and heat detectors, sprinkler systems and pull stations.

Our professionals can differentiate between an intrusion alarm and a fire signal, and they can promptly dispatch the proper emergency personnel to your business.

Sonitrol Great Lakes provides solutions for:
• Smoke and heat detection
• Water flow and sprinkler monitoring
• Temperature monitoring for temperature-sensitive areas such as freezers
• Elevator recall
• Voice evacuation system
• Duct detection

You can feel secure with Sonitrol’s experience.

In addition, Sonitrol Great Lakes has extensive experience with installing and maintaining fire protection systems. Designed by our National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified engineering group to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications, all our fire panels are UL/ULC listed and NFPA and ADA approved. Sonitrol Great Lakes works closely with local fire departments on plan submittals, permitting and inspections, and our installation team will test and inspect your system against local code requirements.

Whether you need ongoing service of an existing fire system or you are building, expanding or upgrading, Sonitrol Great Lakes can meet all your fire security needs. Contact us to learn more.

Put safety, security first on the back-to-school list

back to school

It’s back-to-school time in the Great Lakes region, and time to turn our attention to the books and keeping our children safe when we can’t be with them. Most parents have taught their children a course of action in the event of an emergency. However, providing your kids with a refresher course might make the difference between a happy, safe student and unnecessary injuries.

Sonitrol Great Lakes offers a few quick tips that you can go over with your little ones to ensure that they stay safe and sound throughout the school year.

Interactions with adults
Kids need to know that some strangers are likely to be helpful while others should be viewed as possible threats. Make sure your kids can distinguish firefighters, police officers, and emergency responders from random strangers on the street.

Map out a safe route to school
If your children walk to school or the bus stop, they will likely encounter some traffic and cross streets. If possible, walk with them or drive them. If you must be at work by a specific time, find out if any of their friends’ parents are willing to chaperone them along with their children. As a last resort, plan the safest possible route for your youngster sand have them walk with a buddy. Guide them away from areas with heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Backpack safety
A child’s backpack should not weigh more than 10 percent of their body weight. Do not invest in a backpack until you have found one with thick shoulder straps. Straps with ample padding will prevent back and shoulder pain.

Emergency protocol
Though we would like to shield our kids from the world’s dangers, it is imperative that we speak with them about what should be done in the event of an emergency. Put your cell phone number into your child’s cell phone under the acronym of “ICE” so they can quickly call home in an emergency. ICE stands for “in case of emergency”. If something happens to your child, they will call ICE or someone will do it on their behalf. Also, teach your child about the importance of dialing 911 during an emergency. If your kids are of an appropriate age, enroll them in a CPR and/or a first aid course for extra security.

Home security
Kids need to be cognizant of home security. They should know how to close the garage door, lock doors inside the house and arm the home security system. Teach your kids to head to a trusted neighbor’s home in the event they see something out of the ordinary with your home. Examples include broken windows, open doors and an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway.
Protect your children while in the home

While we can protect our children when they are in our sight, we cannot do much when they are home alone. A verified home security system can provide you with the peace of mind that you desire and the safety that your family deserves. Reach out to Sonitrol Great Lakes today to learn more about your home security options.

Five big reasons to invest in a business security system

camera outdoor

When it comes to the physical security of their company, many business owners take the approach of sticking their head in the sand.

This might be due to one or a combination of reasons, including: the threat of criminal activity feeling abstract or remote, concerns over the price of installing and maintaining a security system, or being too preoccupied with running a business to give the question of security any attention.

Whatever the reason for avoiding the topic of security, it’s simply not wise to leave your business unsecured. Investing in a security system is essential for a number of reasons, which we’ll outline below. And given that the security industry now offers more options at more price points than ever before, now is the time to take business security seriously. Here’s how a security system can benefit your business.

Deter criminal activity.
This is perhaps the most obvious reason to invest in a security system and arguably the most important. Statistically, businesses that utilize security systems (especially visible surveillance cameras) are less likely to be targeted by criminals than those companies that fail to invest in surveillance tools. Additionally, verified security systems allow for prompt, verified notification of the proper authorities in the event of a break-in or other criminal emergency, which can decrease the severity of an attack.

Protect your business assets.
Even if your company’s assets are insured, that doesn’t mean the loss of certain assets wouldn’t be devastating to your business. For example, no amount of insurance money can make up for the loss of your customers’ data, because the damage to your company’s reputation would be potentially irrevocable. Security systems help to physically secure those assets that can’t be accounted for via insurance payouts.

Enhance employee safety.
In many cases, security systems can help your employees feel safer on the job—particularly if any of your employees regularly work late shifts or odd hours or are frequently alone on the premises. A high-quality system will be able to send out an alert should an employee be the victim of an accident or other dangerous incident while working solo, which can provide those employees with comfort while they work. Additionally, monitoring the staff parking lot can help secure employees’ vehicles from theft and vandalism and help them feel safer when they’re walking to and from the parking space.

Save money.
Investing in a security system can save your company money in two ways. For starters, many insurance companies offer discounted premiums to companies that commit to deterring criminal activity via security systems. Some insurers will even assist small businesses with defraying the costs of purchasing and installing a security system. And should you need to process a claim, surveillance footage can help your claim be processed more quickly and ensure that it’s paid in full.

Additionally, surveillance footage can be used to defend your company in the case of frivolous lawsuits. Consider a scenario in which a customer spends time on the premises and then later falsely contends they were injured while on your company’s property. Without surveillance footage, it’s your word against theirs. With it, you have video evidence to help uncover who is truly liable and dodge expensive suits.

Enjoy greater peace of mind.
Now that you’re ready to invest in a security system for your business, it’s time to research your options, beginning with a call to Sonitrol Great Lakes. Modern security systems from Sonitrol Great Lakes offer a variety of different advantages, with verified security response by law enforcement among the most important. We’ll take the time to identify the most effective system that’s right for your company, and provide you and your employees with greater security and peace of mind for years to come.

Source: Huffington Post

Auto dealership thefts in Michigan: Why enhanced security is important

auto dealer

A string of thefts from Michigan automobile dealerships, most recently in Northern Michigan, and across the state have State Police and county sheriff’s departments searching for what’s believed to be a professional theft ring.

The latest incident occurred at a Ford-Lincoln dealership in Cheboygan County. Read the story and watch the TV news report here.

Crimes like this demonstrate that an automotive dealership is vulnerable to a variety of threats, ranging from burglaries and internal theft, to fire and false slip-and-fall claims. Fortunately, dealers have a partner in protection – Sonitrol.

Sonitrol is the verified leader in electronic security with unique, audio detection and video (both verified) delivering comprehensive projection for dealerships. This solution features low false alarms, real-time coordinated police response, and the highest apprehension rate in the industry. Sonitrol’s integrated suite of security solutions includes audio intrusion detection, managed access control, video surveillance, fire detection, and 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals.

Whether you have a single dealership or a regional chain, Sonitrol’s modular, scalable designs make it easy to protect your business – from the showroom and vehicle lots, to the service bays. Contact us for a full-scale security assessment.

Access control: Physical security as critical as online safeguards

access control 2

Adopting security best practices for both your organization’s physical locations and online presence can work wonders in building consumer confidence, alongside a host of additional benefits.

Most of us would readily identify greater safety as a key advantage of enhanced security, and it’s easy to see why: The introduction of measures such as ID cards allows you control over who can access your business. The inclusion of photographs on such cards adds an additional level of visual identification, grants you a greater ability to prevent card duplication and restricts unauthorized personnel from accessing your property.

Meanwhile, clients visiting your business can also feel reassured by ID card systems. Firstly, the very presence of an ID card system gives the impression of a business with some clout. Quite simply, the fact that your business requires ID cards suggests that it’s worth protecting and that you’re serious about taking care of both your company’s staff and assets.

Secondly, they provide a layer of trust. Think back to that little green padlock in your address bar; that symbol of security and legitimacy. ID cards work in much the same way: When your customer talks to a member of staff carrying an access control card, she can rest assured that she’s talking to a real representative of the business.

The cumulative impact of these benefits is to create an atmosphere where your staff feel safe and valued in their jobs, clients have confidence in your business and your company’s legitimacy is strengthened.

Here are a few concrete steps you can take to start ensuring your organization is secure.

Implement access control.
It goes without saying that one of the most effective ways to ensure your company’s security is controlling who gets in or out. Going beyond the traditional lock and key and investing in access control cards provides several advantages: For starters, they’re much harder to duplicate than physical keys. Additionally, should you need to remove access from a specific person, there’s no need to change the locks or give out a new entry code — just change the database, and everyone else can carry on using their cards as normal.

Use photo ID.
Including photos on your employees’ ID cards not only helps them feel like a valued member of the team; it also makes them clearly identifiable to customers as a part of the company. Photo ID also provides an additional layer of visual identification, enabling you to challenge visitors on site and check that no one’s in your building who shouldn’t be.

Easily identify visitors and contractors.
Visitors and contractors can also pose a high risk to your business if they are left to their own devices and allowed to wander the building or premises at ease. Making sure all visitors sign in upon arrival, and issuing them with a photo pass and lanyards is a straightforward and cost-effective procedure to implement.

Build a security culture among your team.
Technology is an important tool in your arsenal, but equally vital is that your employees have a strong knowledge of security procedures. First, keep your company safe by consulting security specialists to analyze your business’s needs. Create clear, actionable policies that your employees can follow — and make sure that these are communicated.

Following proper security procedures is a crucial step in building legitimacy and ensuring the long-term viability of your business. Getting it right is important — but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Source: Entrepreneur Magazine

Choosing the best church security system


Worship facilities are delicate areas to install security systems. It’s important to find the right surveillance system that fulfills its purpose but doesn’t take away from the atmosphere of the church.

An important element of a church security plan can be the use of video surveillance systems as a means of deterring, detecting and investigating crimes against people and property.

With technology behind the hardware and software becoming more advanced, and at the same time less expensive, small and medium-sized churches can more easily and economically than ever employ video surveillance systems as part of efforts to protect both assets and their congregations.

A video surveillance system is just as important for a church as it is for a commercial property. Video surveillance can be an important tool for a church wanting to protect property containing a wide range of physical assets, such as expensive audiovisual systems, unique building components, musical instruments and money from collection and fundraising activities.
On the people side, video surveillance is also an important way in which houses of worship and other faith-based facilities have responded to the growing incidence of violence on church properties.

Placement particulars –  As is the case with other building types, the areas that should be monitored at a church include all entrances and exits, general congregating areas and any areas with valuable assets that need to be protected. In a similar vein, sanctuaries, classrooms and offices are primary targets for burglars, while entry doors and parking lots are high-risk areas for personal safety related issues.

Exactly where and how to place video surveillance cameras is something that is specific to each church.

That said, churches, like all other organizations, need to keep in mind that when it comes to protecting personal safety, video surveillance is just an initial step and needs to be accompanied by other measures.

Protecting children – Video surveillance systems have also become “must-have” technology for worship facilities that provide any type of programs or care for children.

Shopping for surveillance – When shopping for systems, the most important considerations are quality and service. The most expensive system is one that doesn’t work when it’s needed most.

With all this in mind, it’s important to remember that while one surveillance system might work for one church, it won’t necessarily work for another.

The security professionals at Sonitrol Great Lakes can provide church facilities with a wide range of monitored and verified security solutions to meet each congregation’s protection requirements. To learn more, please contact us for a no-obligation security evaluation.

Optimist Club of Downtown Flint announce ‘Officer of the Year’ awardees

Sonitrol Great Lakes sponsors annual Law Day observance in Flint

FLINT, Mich. – April 11, 2017 – Seven area police officers will be recognized by the Downtown Flint Optimist Club at a luncheon celebrating National Law Day, Monday, May 1. Sonitrol Great Lakes – one of Michigan’s largest locally owned and operated security firms – is proud to again sponsor the annual event, which will be held beginning at noon at the Genesee Career Center, 5081 Torrey Road in Flint.

The awards honor deserving officers who have demonstrated exceptional bravery, achievement, and genuine commitment to their profession and the citizens they serve.  Sonitrol Great Lakes has been sponsoring the event for the past nine years.

“We are excited to once again sponsor this great event, honoring our local law enforcement officers for their heroism, dedication, and outstanding service to the public,” said Mike Buckel, Optimist Club past president and vice president of sales for Sonitrol Great Lakes.

The Optimist Club of Downtown Flint congratulates each of this year’s honorees:

Deputy Miguel Mendez – Genesee County Sheriff’s Office, Officers John Boismier Ronnie Summers, Terry Lewis, Sergeant Charlie Mitchell, Detective Mona Patterson – City of Flint Police Department, and Trooper Rashad Horton – Michigan State Police, Third District, Flint Post.

In addition, the club is honoring Sidney Shields, a second-year forensic science student at the Genesee Career Institute, as its Student of the Year.

Deputy Mendez is being recognized for his lifesaving work, reviving three opioid overdose victims with emergency Narcan medication on three separate occasions. In addition, Deputy Mendez, a former U.S. Marine, is credited for a successful face-to-face negotiation with an armed combat veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Flint police officers Boismier, Summers, Lewis, and Sgt. Mitchell are being honored for their bravery, professionalism and teamwork during a November 2016 fire at Village Shores Apartments. Officer Boismier attempted a rescue of a female resident from a second-floor balcony. During the rescue, both fell off the building, but Sgt. Mitchell and Officer Summers positioned themselves on the ground to cushion the pair’s impact. Officer Lewis, with assistance of neighborhood residents, identified, located, and arrested an adult female on arson charges.

Flint Police Detective Patterson, in her role as the department’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) detective, is being recognized for her investigative work, reopening and solving past sexual assault cases. Through her work, the Genesee County Prosecutors Office filed charges against 14 previously undetected sexual assault suspects, including one serial suspect targeting children.

State Police Trooper Horton is being honored for his tactical and lifesaving skills while off-duty at the scene of an active shooting which took place a short distance from his home. He administered first aid to the seriously wounded victim, while encountering the suspected shooter, holding her at bay with his firearm until backup officers arrived and took the suspect into custody without further incident. Paramedics arrived to stabilize the wounded victim.

President Eisenhower first declared National Law Day in 1958. It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and recognize its importance for society.

Construction’s the season for site protection

construction site

With construction season now getting underway in many parts of the Great Lakes region, it’s a good time to take extra precautions to keep your job site safe and secure.

This is where a verified security system can make the difference.

Most industrial thieves are interested in taking materials like copper, lumber, drywall and bricks – all important elements in the construction industry.

Construction sites face maximum risk of burglary of materials since there are no strong walls and secure doors or keys to prevent the burglars from escaping with your materials. This is where the Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security system provides optimum safety against the burglars who can cause major damage to your construction business and lead you to buying more materials unnecessarily. Additionally, the system increases the chances of police catching criminals in the act.

Whether your construction project is small or large, the professionals at Sonitrol Great Lakes can guide you in customizing your security system to get maximum benefit at an affordable price.

In addition, Sonitrol Great Lakes offers flexibly designed systems that can be redesigned and re-created once your security requirements change with time and progress in construction work.

For example, an access control system can be installed once the building is near completion and doors are placed, allowing the property owner to control the movement of employees and helping to prevent unwanted entry by outsiders.

This is what makes Sonitrol Great Lakes one of the most sought-after choices for construction companies as well as property owners needing to protect their assets.