Sonitrol has the remedy for healthcare security ills

The healthcare industry has an unhealthy number of security risks. A high degree of public traffic and drug inventories put hospitals and other healthcare facilities at risk of internal and external theft, burglary, and other crimes. And now, stringent HIPAA guidelines make security even more critical. Sonitrol stands ready to help your healthcare facility comply with HIPAA regulations and protect your property, assets, employees and patients.

For example, our access control solutions let you track movement throughout your facility and restrict access to sensitive areas like the pharmacy and patient records. We can replace your existing mechanical access mechanisms with electronic locks, badges or cards, and readers. Our access control technology integrates with our verified audio intrusion alarm and/or video system to document a security breach. And, our trained professional operators can listen in, verify the event, and dispatch police.

Sonitrol is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the healthcare industry, from doctor’s offices, to community clinics, and hospital systems with multiple locations. Contact us for a complete security examination.