Sonitrol can help protect churches, non-profits

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Churches and other faith-based organizations and non-profits are high-profile locations, and do tremendous good for the communities they serve. A burglary, a fire, even a false accusation could seriously threaten the organization’s ability to carry out its mission.

Sonitrol provides integrated security solutions specifically tailored to the needs of faith-based and other non-profit organizations. Using our proprietary technology—verified audio detection—our trained professionals can actually hear an intrusion attempt as it occurs. This unique technology actually reduces false alarms and increases apprehension of thieves and vandals.

We offer a complete, integrated program to secure organization members, staff, clergy and valuable assets such as computer equipment, cameras and cash. In addition to intrusion alarms, we offer technology to restrict unauthorized access, camera monitoring of vulnerable areas such as childcare rooms, fire detection, and professional monitoring 24/7.

Let us help your organization find the right security solutions to fit your needs.