How Sonitrol can protect your commercial property

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From small “Mom & Pop” shops to larger, growing operations, all businesses are vulnerable on a variety of fronts. Thieves scouting for cash or computer equipment aren’t the only threat. Business also have to contend with employee theft, as well as incidents of workplace violence. It’s estimated that across the U.S., more than 5,000 cases of workplace violence are reported every day.

Growing businesses and companies with fewer than 100 employees are the most vulnerable to these types of losses, which can be catastrophic to the bottom line. Sonitrol offers commercial property owners an integrated, modular suite of sophisticated security solutions that can help protect your business and your people. Best of all, our state-of-the art technology—including verified audio intrusion detection and verified video surveillance—is backed by our team of highly trained professionals at our Sonitrol Central Station.

Let us help you find the right and most-reliable security system to meet your needs.