Monitoring Center

The Central Station is where our highly trained operators monitor your facilities’ security system and verify if a triggered alarm is a false, or if a break-in is actually in progress. This includes verifying audio received from our unique audio intrusion detection systems and video from our verified video detection systems.

In 1974, Sonitrol was one of the first alarm companies to make the transition to computerized monitoring centers. Since then we have strived to provide businesses and facilities with the ultimate in monitoring center verified audio detection. Throughout the years, advancements in technology have offered us the capability to incorporate additional services, such as monitoring center managed access control and monitoring center video verification.

Technology is great, but you have to trust the people operating it. We make all operators pass a number of tests before hiring. They must first pass extensive criminal background checks, personality testing, and drug testing. Once these tests are passed, they must then undergo 3 weeks of intense training. This includes classroom training, on the job training, software and alarm testing and placement testing. We are committed to your safety and this helps ensure that.

Since 1977, Sonitrol has had over 170,000 documented apprehensions nationally. We have the best apprehension rate in the industry—and the fewest dispatches for false alarms. We are very proud of this and our world class monitoring center helps us maintain the honor.